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Selman Kadriu, Founder & CEO, CNC Noll LLC


Selman Kadriu, founder and sole owner of CNC Noll LLC, is metalworker by profession and serial entrepreneur, founder of several companies both in Kosova and abroad.

Selman started his career in distant 1986 working for Urs Rothlin AG Maschinenbaufabrik in Switzerland, initially as an Engineer and later as Production Manager .  He worked for this Swiss company  until 1993,  where apart from excelling in the role of Manager was also involved in staff training.  

In 1988, Selman founded Holz Slovakia, a wood processing factory in Slovakia and managed it until he sold it in 1996.

Further Selman returned to Kosova to take care for his immediate family during which time also dealt with sale of transport vehicles.

In 1999, immediately after the Kosova War,  Selman spotted the need and market opportunity for transportation of goods and construction materials , thus founding Laki Company, a  transportation and logistics firm which was operational until 2011 when Selman sold company assets in order to start a new company.

New company that Selman founded in 2012 was CNC Noll LLC, returning once again to his great passion for metalwork and realizing his old dream to have his own metal processing company.


CNC Noll  located in Fushe Kosova,  grew continually year-on-year since its foundation, taking on-board  new staff and adding CNC machines, a  growth financed chiefly through its own revenues. 

At CNC Noll we are passionate about metalworking. Applying CNC turning&milling, welding&grinding, we produce a plethora of  injection tools, PET molding tools, machinery parts from both metal and plastics. 

Factory products are exported mainly to Germany. CNC Noll produces parts for tools used in automobile industry by well-known brands like Audi, Mercedes, Citroen and Porsche. CNC Noll has long term agreements with German partners for production of these parts thus  orders are placed  months in advance. Currently, factory works in two shifts fulfilling orders for our customers. 

CNC Noll produces also for domestic Kosova companies by manufacturing parts for production lines of factories like Sinalco Kosova, Birra Peja, Drena, Alpeve, Uji Jon, Uji Perla etc.

CNC Noll cooperates with firms in Kosovo and the region. Big complex orders are fulfilled in cooperation with Vegeltorja Ferizaj Factory as well as with Cast Invest Skopje (molding cast iron) and Glavanizacija Skopje (zinc surface treatment ).

CNC Noll products are of highest quality which enabled us to gain trust and receive orders from our German partners. Factory is certified with ISO 9001/2015 standard.